Buy Scentsy with Confidence

We all have our favourite products, you know the ones that you miss when you go away from home, the ones that just make us feel happy and that we don’t want to be without!

OK, just for a moment, let’s put Scentsy to one side (not literally, don’t worry!!)…

What makes you happy?

In this instance, I do mean physical things, material objects, not “sunshine, butterflies, hugs or world peace” – Although I’d love to know these too!

For me, my hair straighteners are LIFE! Without these I would have a total crazy lions mane, they have been my hair saviour for over 20 years (not the same ones) and the way they tame my frizzy hair makes me happy!

I also love a good piece of cake with frosting – Indulgent? Yes! A guilty pleasure? Uh-Huh!! Heavenly? Heck YES!

Lastly, I admit it, I do love my phone… I wouldn’t say I was addicted, but I love having the world at my fingertips! I can run my business, keep in touch with friends, find answers to all my questions and have the latest (& oldest) music at my fingertips!

So, back to my point, whatever it is for you, you’d miss it right if your happy products run out, or worse break?

Now putting Scentsy back on the table (quite literally), having my home smell beautiful makes me SO happy!

For me there is no better feeling than stepping back into my home after a long day out and being greeted by a beautiful smell and with my warmers and wax I can guarantee a great smelling home for me to return to and to welcome people into.

Now, I’m sure it’s happened to you, something that you take for granted, that is part of your everyday life… Breaks!!

There is literally nothing worse than buying a product, using it and absolutely loving it, then one day, it just stops working…

I can liken this to my expensive hair straighteners, I was mortified when they broke, not only did I have to leave the house with a bush on my head, but I had to fork out over £100 to replace them!

Now although I cannot guarantee that your Scentsy warmer will never break, I can guarantee you that you won’t be paying out for it again!

Scentsy offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY, meaning that if your warmer breaks, even after 10/20 years of ownership, they will replace or repair it for you at no cost!

I have not heard any other company offer such an assurance of quality!

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