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This will be updated tomorrow (2nd Feb) to explain Scentsy Club and it’s perks!

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Louise x

Let’s talk Scentsy Club… Now, before I start I want you all to know that I LOVE this programme, but when I first heard about it, and the word “Subscription” was mentioned, I totally disregarded it, HOWEVER, it is worth a read just to understand it properly before you do as I did and regret it later!

What is Scentsy Club?

Right, so

“Scentsy Club is a subscription service, where you can have you regular ‘consumable’ products sent to you on a regular cycle.”

Let’s break this down…. By ‘consumable products’, I mean things that run out and you need to restock on, such as wax, pods, oils, travel twists, scent paks, cleaning products etc… It does not include warmers, fan diffusers and air purifiers.

How does Scentsy Club Work?

There are big PERKS being signed up to Scentsy Club, I will go through these further down the page, but again they are definitely worth knowing about!!

First up though, I think it is important to understand how Scentsy Club works:


It can be setup to ship direct to your door once every month, every 2 months of every 3 months, and you can include as much or as little product as you like, there is no minimum or maximum order value

There is a shipping fee payable on each shipment, this is the same as for normal website orders, so currently (Feb 2023) it is £6 for all orders up to £120 and 10% of your order value for shipments valued over this.

You can alter, cancel or change your subscription whenever you like, and there are absolutely NO FEES for doing so.

Why Should I Sign-Up?

I mentioned PERKS earlier on, well there are some great incentives to sign up to Scentsy Club

Of course, just by signing up, you will never forget to order that bar of wax or bottle of laundry liquid, it’ll arrive on schedule to your front door, so you don’t need to worry about running out!

10% off £36+

Half Price item over £73+

Stop, start or change at will

Always get my bar


Sold out limited edition, add it

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