Styling the Aloe Warmer

The Aloe warmer is beautifully crafted but I feel personally it needs a little lift to allow it to shine to its full potential… Here’s a few thoughts and ideas to bring this beauty into a whole new league!

This warmer confused many Scentsy lovers when it first launched in the UK back in January 2021.

Let’s start with a quick look at it… It’s a ceramic warmer, with each leaf individually created and attached to the base. The leaves are painted in a lifelike ombré style with a beautiful crackle glaze finish. It is a stunning piece to look at!

The warmer itself plugs in with an on/off switch at the back, and rather than using a bulb, there is a hot plate to warm the wax in the frosted glass dish that nestled amongst the green leaf fronds.

I fully admit I couldn’t ‘understand’ it, on its own it looks a little unfinished to me. Knowing that our Scentsy cousins over the pond in the USA had this warmer already in their catalogue I started searching how they styled theirs?

My first attempt, simply sitting it in a pot, already looking better and more complete…

I saw lots of photos with the Aloe in pots, these look so much better already, so above was my first attempt, but it still felt a little amateur!

Being that the photos I was finding were all from the USA, I couldn’t simply buy the same accessories, and I was worried that my plant was a bit squeezed in and might damage the ceramic in either the warmer or the pot…

My next attempt was to add a pot with legs that I found online, it was a larger than the base of the Aloe, so I had to style it a little more with stones and prop the plant up…

Take a look at my reel showing how I styled it…

This has looked great on my bookcase and I love it, but I’ve recently seen some other styling options which have wet my appetite to try at home too!

I love how these have been styled with the added artificial succulent plants!

What do you think of these styling options above in pots with artificial plants? I’ve bought the bits to do this myself, and can’t wait to try it!

To style it, these artificial succulents are a great buy…

…and a pot with a diameter greater than 16cm is needed, the ones shown here are 20 diameter to allow space for the succulents to be added around it! Here is a link to an ideal pot for this:

Here are some other ideas I’ve seen:

Let me know if you give it a go… I’ll love to see your styling!

Louise xx

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