My All Time Top 5 Scents

Today I want to share with you all my “can’t live without” scents, the fragrances I have discovered through Scentsy and that you will always find my in house. I have already explained how AMAZING Scentsy wax is and the ‘makeup’ of it in my earlier post:

Blog Post on Scentsy Wax

Now I want to share with you, MY absolute favourite wax scents that Scentsy make, regardless of the season, and just why I adore them!

Cozy Cardigan

“Find bedded bliss in layers of soft suede blusing rose and amber silk.”

Cozy Cardigan is a scent that I heard every consultant raving about in my first few months with Scentsy. It had just returned to the catalogue when I joined and there was such a rush to buy the bars, it sold out completely and took weeks to come back, but I did eventually get my hands on it. I hadn’t anticipated the strength of this wax, and OMG my house smelt like a luxurious boutique – That was it, I was HOOKED! I felt like somone had literally wrapped my soul in a warm cozy cardigan and i’ve never been without a bar in the house in 3 years!


“White florals: Jasmine, sweet pea, & freesia along with juicy berries, & sandalwood shimmer like moonlight.”

Luna is a beautiful floral scent, I tend to stay away from “floral” scents as my head tells me they are old-lady scents, but not this one. It is beautiful, I wouldn’t say it is one of our strongest scents, but it fills a room with a background perfume scent that you are aware of but that doesnt hit you in the face, and to me, it is reminiscent of my Nans beautiful garden on a warm Sunday afternoon – It’s easy to see why this is loved by so many and why it is available in almost all product lines!

Sea Salt & Avocado

“You do you, while pink sea salt, Valencia orange and creamy avocado keep your spirit in flight.”

Sea Salt & Avocado, now this is a scent that my director is addicted to. I could not understand why anybody would want their home to smell like sea salt or avocado, but in true consultant spirit I tried it in my home. It is categorised as a fruity scent, but I experience it as a fresh scent, perfect in any room and even my husband likes it, and he is super fussy and opinionated with scents!

Arctic Kiss

“Cool arctic mint and fresh air embrace the warmth of fluffy vanilla clouds.”

This was a scent of the month a couple of years back, and I wasn’t sure it was for me, I didn’t not like it, I just couldn’t really smell it. Since i’ve had covid and temporarily losing my sense of smell, I have discovered a love for this scent, which I can now pick up the freshness from that I wasn’t able to pick up before. It also has a slightly masculine touch to it which really comforts me, and gosh I love warming it all year round.

Winterberry Apple Tea

“Winter tea cosies up to cranberry, apple & honey.”

As you get to know me, you will know that I am not a tea drinker, in fact I can’t drink it at all, not even the herbal stuff. So you can imagine my reaction to testing this wax when it arrived on the scene (bleurghh). However I was proven very wrong, and this for me is the perfect Christmas time scent, especially if you are not into all the pine, cinnamon and cloves smells that are usually associated with this period! Christmas week my house will smell of nothing else than this deep maroon beauty!

Many of these scents come in multiple product lines too – Winterberry Apple Tea as shown above comes in wax, pods, scent circles, scent paks and our wonderful fragrance flowers… So many ways to enjoy it!

Several of these scents are only ever available in the Autumn/Winter catalogue (I clearly have a thing for stronger, more hearty scents), and every year they get discontinued as we transition to the Spring/Summer scents! When this happens there is never have a guarantee that they will return the next season, and I would be devastated to never warm these waxes again!

Scentsy Club – Get regular shipments of your favourite consumable products with special perks too!

Scentsy have this fabulous service, known as Scentsy Club, whereby you can subscribe to continue receiving wax bars even after they have discontinued! So when the season changes, I always add Cozy Cardigan, Arctic Kiss, and Winterberry Apple Tea to my subscription to ensure I will never be without!

Both Luna and Sea Salt & Avocado are permanent fixtures in the catalogue and are best sellers, but if they were ever to discontinue, you can be certain they will be added to my club too! I will do a separate post for Scentsy Club soon as there is so much to share with you about this fab service.

Cozy Cardigan – Probably my most favourite wax scent ever

I do love SO many of our wonderful range, and I can also be quite faddy, loving one for a while, always warming it, then moving onto another – But these are my top scents which I think I will always love!

Do you have a favourite scent or are you still sitting on the fence, not sure what to try? I highly suggest trying the above, I will guarantee you will love at least one, if not all of them!

Louise xx

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