Let’s Talk Scentsy Wax…

It wouldn’t be right for me not to highlight, in their very own post, our Scentsy WAX BARS as they really are awesome!

Scentsy has an abundant choice of scents so there’s sure to be a scent to suit you. These scents are grouped into families including Bakery, Spice, Fresh, Wood, Citrus, Floral and Fruity…

Front and Back of our wax bars,
along with 2 broken off individual cubes.

Our bars come in curved resealable plastic containers, affectionately referred to by us consultants as ‘Clamshells’ which are perfect to store the wax until you’ve used it all up.

A ‘Scentsy Bar’ is a block of fragranced wax in eight break-apart sections. When warmed in a Scentsy warmer, the wax releases amazing fragrance into the air without flame, smoke or soot.

The wax bar breaks into cubes in much the same way as breaking a bar of chocolate!

Scentsy Bars are safer than wicked candles because no flame is required. Since the wax is warmed and not burned like with traditional candles, meaning no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air — just beautiful fragrance.

We use a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend and fragrance oils, both synthetic and naturally derived, to make the best, longest-lasting bar.

I love the new styling on the underside of our clamshells, where Scentsy have stamped on the fragrance family pics – It’s so cute!!!

Lastly, our wax does not burn away like highly heated wax, so when you are no longer smelling the fragrance, simply change the wax for a fresh cube, it’s very simple and I provide tips with every warmer purchased…

You can see my wax change tips on my Instagram here:


1 cube within the bar will typically give you 10 hours of good scent throw when warming, so 1 bar will give you more than 80 hours of scent for just £7.25!

Add to that our Bundle & Save offers and the value gets better and better!

ONE wax bar costs £7.25 and give you 80 hours of fragrance

✨That’s 10 hrs of fragrance for just 91p!✨

THREE wax bars costs £20.75, saving you £1 and gives you 240 hours of fragrance

✨That’s 10 hrs of fragrance for just 86p!✨

SIX wax bars costs just £36.25, that’s 1 whole wax bar free (!) and gives you 480 hours of fragrance

✨That’s 10 hrs of fragrance for just 76p!✨

Fantastic value that gets better the more bars you buy!

To access ‘Bundle & Save’ options, ask me directly OR go to the menu on my webpage, go to Specials and look under the Bundle & Save category, this link will take you there


You can also combine 3 wax bars with almost all our warmers to get even better savings… Check out the ‘Scentsy Systems’ where you get a warmer and 3 wax bars at a reduced cost when bought together (use the link above)…

An example of a Scentsy System: The Alabaster warmer with 3 wax bars for just £54, saving you nearly £4 from buying separately!

I hope that helps answer any wax questions you may have, but let me know if you have any others!

Louise xx

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