Let’s start with the basics…

As a Consultant I wanted to think back to the first time I heard of Scentsy and the many questions that I couldn’t find answers for… I literally had no clue, and even after searching online, I still didn’t get it…

“What actually is Scentsy???”

Scentsy is actually an American company selling home fragrance products through independent consultants (like myself). But what products do we sell?

This is the summary that we consultants share, it more or less sums up what Scentsy products are all about, so take a read and I will be addressing what I think your instinctive questions are likely to be afterwards:

Scentsy is a safe home fragrance system!

Our concept of decorative warmers use either a heated element plate or low wattage lightbulb to melt our wax.

Our warmers come with a lifetime warranty against any electrical faults.

There are over 80 fragrances to choose from in a wide range of products. These provide a scentsational aroma for your home, car, pet, body, laundry… the list goes on!

Since the wax is warmed and not burned as with traditional candles, no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air.

With Scentsy there are no flames, no soot, no smoke and no lead. “

OK, so that summarises it at a high level. But after reading that the first time, I still didn’t quite ‘get it’…

Now that I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant, this is the way I describe Scentsy products to people, but trust me, I have by no means perfected this, nonetheless it goes along the lines of this:

“We sell a safer alternative to scented candles. If you love a scented candle but worry about the flame, the smoke/soot it throws into the air and onto your walls, or the toxins that get into the air, then Scentsy is for you! We have our own premium scented wax that melts using a much lower temperature than a flame produces, and as the wax does not burn away, nothing but scent is released into the air around you.”

…I will then go on to tell you:

“What’s more our warmers are low wattage (running only a lightbulb or hot plate), the wax doesn’t get hot enough to burn you (or your kids/pets), the warmers are stunning home decor accessories and in many cases beautiful lamps too. Our design team keeps up to date with current trends in both scents and style, so you can be sure to have the best smells and looks for your home”

This beautiful ‘Obsidian’ warmer is a popular choice, an eye catching warmer & lamp

We don’t only sell wax and warmers though, Scentsy have a whole range of great smelling products to fragrance your life, at home and on the move. What’s more is that many of our best selling scents are available in multiple product lines, so you can have the wax warming, enjoy your car smelling great, keep your clothes smelling amazing and even wear your favourite scent!

A snapshot of the products offered by Scentsy

I won’t show you and describe all our products in this one blog, but if you are a home fragrance lover, home decor fan, style spotter or are simply just a little intrigued, I would love it if you check out my future blog posts where I will share more on the products and scents we have!

You can check out the FAQ on the official Scentsy website below too via the following link:


Did that help you answer a few questions that you had on what Scentsy products actually are?

Let me know, i’d love to understand what questions you had, or maybe still have so I can answer them for you…


Louise xx

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